Attention students inside the sacred walls of WIlliam McKinley High. As you know, I am your principal and together we are striving to unite our community with education, valuable life skills and the war against vampirism. Here, you will view all of the school announcements and get up-to-date with all the knowledge you will need to succeed your happu, fulfilled years in our facility.

Attention students, staff, honored members of the community and those affiliated with our learning establishment that have gathered here today for our momentous prom occasion.

It is time to announce your new rulers.your votes have been counted and it all leads up to this moment. William McKinley, your new prom King is popular student Kurt Hummel and your elected Prom Queen is the very dashing female student I have never seen before, with an unusual name choice.. Elliott Gilbert. Bow down to your leaders.

-Principal Figgins

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I have been informed that the ongoing tradition of school teen pep is to be upholded in an nontraditional and unexpected manner with two students who wish to remain anonymous. These so called ‘students in the shadows’ will be bringing you entertainment in the form of music in the forthcoming moments, and upmost apologies to anyone who will be offended by these golden throated youngsters

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Attention students of William McKinley High,

Tomorrow, marking Wednesday 18th December and our third to last day of education before the holiday celebrations, we will be marking this monumental occasion with a manditory pep rally to spread cheer and school spirit, that shall be taking place at 2pm EST.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

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Kurt Hummel - Romeo

Harmony Pearce - Juliet

Blaine Anderson - Mercutio

Marley Rose - Nurse/Juliet Understudy

Joe Hart - Benvolio

Noah Puckerman - Tybalt

Artie Abrams - Lord Capulet

Sugar Motta - Lady Capulet

Rachel Berry - Lady Montague

Henry Saunders - Lord Montague

Brett Bukowski - Friar Laurence

Matt Rutherford - Count Paris

Jacob Ben Israel - Peter, 1st Watchman

Phil Lipoff - Balthasar, First Servant

Bobby Surette - Abraham, Second Servant

Wes Fahey - Chorus, 1st Musician, Friar John

Anthony Rashad - Gregory, 3rd Musician,

Josh Coleman - 3rd Watchman, Apothecary

Scott Cooper - 2nd Watchman, Sampson,

Jordan Stern - Prince(ss), 2nd Musician

Dottie Kazatori - 1st Citizen, Page, 2nd Capulet

Congratulations, chosen students, on your successful voyage into the world of theater and the dramatic arts. The first rehearsals will be today after school. May God be with you.

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ROMEO: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel

JULIET: Harmony Pearce, Marley Rose, Sugar Motta, Rachel Berry

BENVOLIO: Joe Hart, Brett Bukowski

TYBALT: Noah Puckerman, Phil Lipoff

NURSE: Jordan Stern, Dottie Kazatori

COUNT PARIS: Matt Rutherford, Jacob Ben Israel

FRIAR LAWRENCE: Bobby Surette, Henry Saunders, Artie Abrams

MERCUTIO: Anthony Rashad, Josh Coleman

*Note: You may be asked to read for other roles at callbacks. Please come prepared to do so.

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Attention students, staff, honored members of the community and those affiliated with our learning establishment.

I sincerely hope you are thus far enjoying your start of the academic year and getting involved in extracurricular activities in addition to your studies, as this can help mold an individual into a well rounded adult. If you have yet to sign up for said activities, please refer to this post (X)

In other news, bad mouthed heiress and suspected Jezebel of the dark night, Sugar Motta appears to have turned her spiraling life around and has decided to use her reckless indulgements for good. Using the power of wealth, Miss Motta will be sponsoring the New Directions singing group. Her first movement of selflessness, I am happy to announce, will be a re-design of the sacred choir room.

I, on behalf of the staff, thank her for her generosity and wish her the best while working closely with Mr William Schuester and Miss Corcoran on their journey to the regional show choir championships. May your trip into righteousness be one of self discovery.

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Anonymous asked: are you gay?

I’m happily married to the beautiful woman that is Mrs. Figgins. I have no desire to experiment, thank you

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Dearest children, staff members and appreciated affiliates of William McKinley High School; we sincerely look forward to your return at the start of the semester. For those of you who may have lost your memories during your summer drunken teenage escapades, I am your principal, but you may call me by my name, Principal Figgins.

First and foremost, in preparation for our triumphant return to education, please remember that the most successful way to make lifelong friends is through the means of extracurricular activities. Due to our modern age and the use of computer technology, the sign up sheets are now available online at your very finger tips, so please sign up by sending me an interweb message HERE. The clubs and tryouts are as follows:

  • Cheerios
  • Football Team
  • Basketball Team
  • Hockey Team 
  • Student Council
  • William McKinley Orchestra
  • Glee Club Singing Group
  • Super Hero Club (No way affilated with vampirism)
  • Book Club
  • God Squad (For our lord and savior)
  • Academic Decathlon Team
  • Dance Team
  • Motocross Team
  • Skate Team

Due to budget cuts in the system of education, these are the only available activities so please indulge as much as you wish.

On a further note, it may come to your attention that two students will not be joining us on our start of academia. As you may know or not, I have been informed that the popular, and ever so heavenly vibrant Miss Tina Cohen-Chang has been involved in a road traffic accident and is still in hospital. We are as of yet, unsure of her return but we all wish her the best of health and sweet, sweet dreams in her coma.

Secondly, it has just come to my attention in my phone mail that the not-so-lovable scoundrel, Miss Brittany Pierce will not be attending our establishment due to being sent to a Detention Center for the troublesome youths of today. But rest assured, I am currently trying to get visitation rights for my pastor to steer her on the path of righteousness.

As for the rest of you, starting tomorrow, let us make our journey into success a happy and fulfilled one.


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Ryder’s going to audition for the Glee club.


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